A 2016 Saab ‘New Year Resolution’ for us all!


The Saab car museum still needs our continued support, so why not make a new years resolution to join the support organisation or to make sure your existing membership is up to date?

saab museum 2

Like many of you, I have had the pleasure of visiting this superb collection of Saab cars many times, and through our continued  support we can ensure it remains viable for years come, bringing pleasure to all who visit

saab museum 1

Every car manufacturer has, or should have, a museum dedicated to its history, preserving its past designs and achievements. The Saab museum contains a wonderful insight into the thinking of those Saab pioneers, showing us where it all began.

So I’m putting out a plea once again to ask you to play your part in helping preserve the collection for future generations to enjoy.

As Saab owners and fans, we have already shown what a difference we can make, so let’s keep up our good work.

Please click the link and join today!

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