A ‘Breath of fresh air’ from Classic Car Weekly this week

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It’s been quite a while since I posted anything of interest here on Saabtala. The truth of the matter is that things have been very quiet when it comes to any news on the real future of Saab. There is a lot of speculation as to whether we will see a new car wear the Saab badge once again; ultimately depending on a great many factors within business and the motoring world, itself facing many changes.

Luckily we have our existing Saabs to fuel our passion, and I was very pleased to see an article entitled ‘A breath of fresh air’ in this week’s (Weds 13th April) Classic Car Weekly here in the UK.

What’s more, the c900 convertible was chosen to lead this very enjoyable feature showcasing their top ten Classic family convertibles that can be bought for reasonable money.  Our beloved Saab was very highly praised in all aspects, and it’s well worth heading out and picking up a copy before Wednesday while they are still on the shelf.

This photo says it all really, that why it was chosen to lead the Classic Car Weekly convertible feature

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Classic Car Weekly and Practical Classics for their continued support of Saab Cars and the regular exposure our cars get in these very enjoyable publications. It goes without saying, every bit of help we can get introducing people to Saab is very much appreciated by all those in the Saab world.

Hopefully as the good weather begins to arrive there will be a lot more activity here on Saabtala showing just how enjoyable owning a Saab can be.



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