A NEVS Employees reaction on today´s excellent news!

A debt free company
National Electric Vehicle Sweden – A debt free company

Reactions from NEVS employees and Suppliers/Creditors regardings today´s Superb news

Today I received an email from a friend and employee at NEVS regarding his and other employees feelings concerning today’s announcement that NEVS have payed its outstanding debt to the creditors in full according to the composition that was accepted by the Vänersborg District Court earlier this year.



-To us-the employees at NEVS-it feels really good that the company owners have decided to pay the debt in advance of the date previously set as the end date of payment.

-To many-including the creditors-it came as a positive surprise this morning, that NEVS have made themselves a debt free company Well before the scheduled last date of payment.

-One Creditor I spoke to told me they could see a large sum of money about to be transferred into their account but that they had yet to see from whom the money was coming from.

-My guess is that this evening will see  bottles of the Bubbly being opened and toasting among the NEVS employees, Suppliers and Creditors.


Thanks Mr X for your wonderful mail!!!

And in the news…..

Ttela excerpt with statements from Fredrik Sidahl, Managing Director of FKG

Managing Director of FKG (Automotive Components Group) Fredrik Sidahl has spoken to Ttela.se

They (NEVS) continue to make good on their promises

FKG, Automotive Components Group, is the automotive sector organization for the suppliers in Scandinavia. To date they have approximately 300 member companies of whom several work with NEVS.

-NEVS keeps on delivering on their promises, say Sidahl regarding the announcement that the Trollhättan company have repaid the last of the debt according to the Composition.

-It will be exciting to see what happens in the near future, among other things the Business plan.


Fredrik Sidahl
Fredrik Sidahl/ FKG

What´s the reaction among the members of FKG? Are there any doubts regarding NEVS?

-NO, there are no more doubts. They (NEVS) have consequently kept their promises, and the doubts that were formed from broken promises during the Muller-era, has been altered to become curiosity regarding what is now happening in Trollhättan. The western region is a powerhouse in the Automotive sector, just look at Volvo Cars that are doing so well they are having a hard time keeping up with demand for new cars.




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