ANA Strongly denies rumors about ”ANA taking down SAAB flags”

Earlier today one of the prominent Saab blogs claimed that Swedish dealership ANA is taking down SAAB flags and discountinuing their affiliation with SAAB and that spareparts from ORIO would be hard to obtain.

NOTE: This is however utterly Untrue

After a quick conversation with ANA CEO Joachim Lind today the company Strongly deny any allegations that ANA are winding down service or sales of SAAB cars.

We have not taken down any SAAB flags but are infact in talks to buy some of the newly completed SAAB 9-3 Aeros from NEVS

As the quote from Joachim Lind states ANA is now looking at buying some of the newly completed SAAB 9-3 Aeros from NEVS to be sold at their huge Trollhättan dealership.
Joachim also points out that there has never been a problem with Spare parts supply from ORIO. Everything is working wonderfully well and never is there a problem in obtaining spare parts.

What ANA Is doing is streamlining the organization by closing one Service point in Strömstad and moving SAAB and Hyundai service to ANAs BMW Service point.

Lets also point out that ANA are doing really well selling lots of high quality pre owned SAABs to new and loyal customers.

So please do not let the nay sayers bring you down. Stay positive and keep the faith.

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