As the old chestnut goes…

Does not need to be "hot" to sell
Does not need to be fresh… just reheat and sell

Hey there gals and pals

In reaction to today’s Swedish Radio P4 report (That I will not even link to here)

I´m not the one to be overly speculative when it comes to things that are out of my hands.
I Do however like to dream and conjure up an awesome scenario.

Like that post about the Koenigsegg developed New 550hp Saab V4 Turbo. It´s a nice fantasy.
But just because myself and Mr Koenigsegg found such a scenario tempting does not mean it will become reality… It´s not for us to decide. It does however give food for thought and hopefully its a nice read for you guys.

Therein lies the artistic and Journalistic freedom. Take a bit of this and of piece of that, make it sellable and you have done your job.

Same old, same old

Today´s strange – and for many plausible- story from Swedish Radio P4 regarding the Saab brand name and the future of Saab Cars hit like a bombshell.

The Journalist (I know the guy, and I really like him so I will not mention names) conjured up this little header for the story:
NEVS may not use the Saab brand name

And while many Saab fans and Grave-Diggers went “It´s all over” I instead went:

“Hey, this reminds me of something I wrote a while back in reaction to an article in Newspaper SvD… There is an old chestnut lurking here… I can smell it!”

That post is Calming the storm in a teacup…etc

No I will Not do a copy/paste of that job as a new post. It deals with the same kind of “Journalistic freedom” but at the same time this “new” news over at bears a striking resemblance to the article dealt with in the Calming the storm post.

On to Investigative journalism from today’s (In Swedish)

The Ttela reporter in today’s  Ttela Web edition does the right thing and delves deeper into the matter.
This is Investigative journalism. The reporter did what I didn’t have the urge to do this time but what is the Right thing to do:
She phoned the Officer of Public Relations at Saab AB, Mr Sebastian Carlsson, and asked if it is out of the question for NEVS to use the Saab brand name in the future.

Mr Sebastian Carlssons answer:

That is a hypothetical question and I do not give answers to such questions

So what does that mean?

It means that we should Keep calm and Saab on!
Mr Carlsson at Saab AB can not comment on what is still a secret.

The same goes for NEVS.

When asked the same question NEVS Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Mr Mikael Östlund, gives his answer, one that ties in well with what Mr Sebastian Carlsson from Saab AB told Ttela.

Since the past year NEVS has had a dialogue with Saab AB regarding the brand name. But what is being said in that dialogue stays between NEVS and SAAB AB




6 thoughts on “As the old chestnut goes…

  1. So if I have been reading between the lines correctly I’d say Saab AB and NEVS have, and have had, a clearly defined way forward for NEVS to once again get the name rights back. I get the feeling that these requirements are almost officially met and it is just a matter of tying up the loose ends. To be honest it is the only thing that makes sense given some very subtle happenings. But I reserve the right to remain nervous.

    1. I believe you’re right on the money.

      And seeing that NEVS will soon be presenting a revised Business plan AND product portfolio plan, that to me sounds like the final part to be able to secure an agreement.


  2. As long as nobody shows me a picture of the factory in THN without the SAAB wording I will not believe that “It’s all over”.

  3. Even thou some completely and utterly hate NEVS for their way of doing things and the way they communicate, to me they must be dead serious.
    The money poured in by Kai Johan and partners since 2012 indicates a tru belief that this can work out as a good investment.
    I have no idea what the brand name deal looks like with SAAB AB. But, NEVS have been quite calm about it (officially at least).
    If that means the deal never was off, just halted during insolvency or if they have plans that they think will work without the name is irrellevant for me.
    Today, with the NEVS story, they have shown me a fighting spirit worth my respect. Hopfully, they have secured the name, but I’m intrested anyway in what the heck they have in Trollhättan.

    It must be something worth fighting for!

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