Back with Big NEVS NEWS!

Hello folks

I know it´s been quite some time since my last post on Saabtala. Must be upwards to a year. But Never mind that. Here is the latest news from NEVS.

Either today or tomorrow NEVS will issue a Press release with substantial magnitude for NEVS as a company and the factories in Trollhättan and Tianjin-China.

So, what´s it all about then?

Well. A lot of work has been done in Tianjin to get the acceptance from Chinese authorities to go ahead with the manufacturing of cars in China. And from a person within the company comes the happy news that the authorities have given NEVS the go ahead to manufacture cars.

The cars that will be assembled in China are at first almost completely built in Trollhättan and shipped over to China for final assembly of the drive train.

This is Really big news for Trollhättan since A. The factory will begin to manufature an updated 9-3 EV and B. Money will begin trickling in to be able to speed oup the process of completing New Saaby cars (with a different badge yes..) in Trollhättan.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Press release from NEVS regarding the Build go-ahead on on the following links and be sure to hit that F5 button.

Press Releases (English)
Press Releases (Swedish)


Ps. And lets keep our fingers crossed that atleast Some of those 9-3´s find their way out to clients in Sweden… there is nothing that says you can´t import one from Sweden..right? Ds.

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