Could there be a more Practical Classic?




I don’t think there could be. My wife and I have just completed a 1200 mile tour around the lowlands of Scotland.


Our 9000 never put a foot wrong, it’s comfortable, very safe, having ABS brakes and twin front airbags, an excellent climate control system and enough gadgets to satisfy most people.
We also managed an average of a genuine 34mpg despite the ‘thirstier’ automatic gear box. The cabin is very large along with a cavernous boot for all your luggage.


Spares that you are likely to need are still available new or used, so using one as your everyday car needn’t be a concern either.

This all begs the question – ┬ádo you really need to spend many thousands of pounds buying a new car when a 9000 will do the job just as well, while at the same time giving you a little bit of exclusivity.

I really don’t think you do!

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