EMS revived

Hi lads and ladies

The Festival of all festivals is under way in Trollhättan.

The 9-3 Turbo has been presented to the public (I’ve had pictures of it for two years now…but couln’t publish, probably because of me being frightened of losing connections).

Why the headline “EMS revived”?

Well you see, while the turbo got the full treatment with an actual showcar it’s “lesser” sibling made it to the drawingboard. Or should I say it got the NEVS Photoshop treatment.

And quite frankly I like the result better than the turbo… I love it so much that when I saw the printout I got emotional, even shedding a tear because images from my youth welled up inside me. My dads own Anthracite grey 118hp 1974 99 EMS with the “football rims”

An eventhough I like the Show off appeal of the Inca reinterpretation the ditto treatment of the “football or soccerball rims” are just Salivatingly sexy and Must be manufactured! Be your own judge. Don’t forget to notice the first gen EMS lettering on the hood.

See you tomorrow in Troll!


Click on through for the image

The 2015 Saab 9-3 EMS

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