Exciting plans ahead for the future of the Saab Museum!


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Exciting times ahead at the Saab Car Museum, with plans and projects in the pipeline celebrating Saab’s rich history of innovation, achievements and the people that made the company one of the most respected in the automotive industry.

I have recently had an email conversation with Gunnar Larrson, the chair of the support organisation.  He explained their up and coming plans for developing the historic side of the museum, giving us a more in depth insight into Saab, its people, and its achievements.

I didn’t realise the museum only has three full time employees. It is supported by volunteer staff with one additional person each day giving a full day’s help (increasing to two at busy times) and of course the support organisation, which is also made up entirely of volunteers.

Gunnar went on to say that the support organisation is of course still in its infancy and in his own words are just beginning to learn to crawl.

They are very aware that information supplied to members has been limited so far, but development takes time and money, money the SCM support organisation needs to build, thus enabling them to do the things we desire them to do.

The group’s main objective is to work alongside the museum staff to support them in developing the museum further. They do this by raising additional funds through membership and donations, both from companies and of course the Saab enthusiasts worldwide.

This additional funding will enable the museum to develop beyond just the preservation of the cars; it will bring the opportunity to create an educational platform, comprising displays, personal profiles of the key figures and celebrations of Saab’s technical achievements.

They have some exciting projects planned for 2016/17.  The organisation’s first major project is to raise funds to purchase three large interactive computer screens that will enable visitors to access historic archive material, which at the moment is only on paper; quite a mammoth task and will take some considerable time to complete.

This year it will be 30 years since the ‘long run’ and plans are in place for a celebration of this event beginning in the summer. There are also plans for a lasting memorial to our beloved Erik Carlsson, a man who never failed to give any less than 100 percent effort to all things Saab and Saab related.

These projects of course require money, and just as the Saab world raised the money to buy the last Saab car to roll off the line, I am confident we can help once again to keep that car safely housed where it belongs – the Saab Car Museum.

So my plea to you all is please join the organisation, or renew your membership if it has lapsed, and if you feel you could help towards the up and coming projects with a little extra donation no matter how small please do so, after all, a little money from so many can do so much. Just send a message on the website contact button after you have donated stating which project you are contributing to. It will bring you the satisfaction that you are doing your little bit to preserve the Saab heritage and to develop the museum for future generations to enjoy.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my plea.


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Gunnar Larsson in the light blue with his Saab 9000t


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2 thoughts on “Exciting plans ahead for the future of the Saab Museum!

  1. we, my wife and me just made our second donation/membership to the Museum.
    I only have been there once about 16/17 years ago and my wife never. And if we are able, financially, to give the Museum our support/donation we surely will do that.
    And one time in the coming years when we have more spare time and less caring for our old parents we will visit the museum together and spent time in Trolhatten and the rest of Sweden

    1. Many thanks for that, Gunnar and the museum will very much appreciate your donation. The museum may well have changed a bit since your last visit, especially if the planned projects go ahead, which I’m sure they will. Your wife will love Trollhattan, with its wonderful waterfall and canal area.
      Best wishes,

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