HAPPY NEWS! Courts regarding NEVS CVA…Rock on!


Time to start a good news week!

NEVS are on their way in reaching their goal to become debt free and have a new owner and tech partner sign those important deals that will see to that we get a new line of SAAB cars to drive and admire!

A first but Super important step was taken today when the Vänersborg District Court said Yes to a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) that gives legal acceptance to the Composition for NEVS:s Creditors that will see to that NEVS have a clean slate when sold to a New Majority Owner and Tech Joint Venture.

A big Congratulations to NEVS to this massive step on the way to get out of reorg mode.

A meeting regarding the CVA is set to the 23d of March

Next a new owner and new SAABS!!!

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