Hush and Fight­ – A post about staying positive

1st Viscount Bernard Law Montgomery. Tank driving master of words... and battle.
1st Viscount Bernard Law Montgomery. Tank driving master of words, moral and battle.


NEVS. We all know it is frustrating to “have to wait and see.”

Please adhere to the 1939 pre-­Blitz saying; Keep Calm and Carry On.

(Yes I know the phrase was never to be used during WWII)

Please read on to find out why Field Marshal Montgomery is on the front page of a blog about SAAB.

The current situation at NEVS

NEVS and the proposed new majority owner are working on two things at the moment. Individually, both business plans are important to the company but work best fused together for a common goal.

These are the two plans;

1. Have SAAB AB sign papers regarding the rights to use the trade mark SAAB embellishment on NEVS cars.

A signed paper would mean a new majority owner for NEVS and a vast amount of financial backing, synergetic business and purchasing power resulting in new SAAB vehicles sooner rather than later.

2. A signed co-­op deal with another vehicle manufaturer regarding development of the Phoenix platform, which will help to spread costs, can only be a good thing, as the creation of any new model is incredibly expensive.

The Phoenix platform development is still ongoing despite the reorganisation of NEVS. The Phoenix platform is the key to the next generation of SAABs and the key to the survival of NEVS.

The Negative Feeding Negativity and taking responsibility

There have been scuffles in the bloggosphere regarding the fortunes or misfortunes of NEVS and the over the top headlines in a Swedish evening newspaper regarding the present state of NEVS.
We at Saabtala would never surcumb to slander against NEVS, companies in the process of acquiring NEVS or individuals.

Getting ones facts straight

Sadly, the article that was written by a staff writer at Swedish evening newspaper Expressen was loosly based on old information. The writer put two and two together and realised his error when asked where he got the information from regarding there being a finished deal between NMEH and Mahindra to buy a major stake in NEVS.

We check our facts before publishing an article, nor do we re­edit our posts or your comments to try and get free from flak generated from previous missdoings. What we will do, however, is publish an update or write a separate post altogether should have we made a grave error.

If the post is intended as a reflection we will be sure to say that the post is a reflection and not a fact.

If we feel the need to respond to a post or comment we will do so in a manner that reflects the content of the post and we will make it clear that it is our thoughts and not necessarily that of others. We would never seek to offend any individual ersonally who has a right to post their own thoughts which generate good , healthy open discussion.

NEVS are working their behinds off to be able to ensure that you are able to buy a brand new SAAB in the not to distant future.

What is your role in making a future SAAB branded car a reality?

There is not that much hands on stuff we can do to help NEVS, other than to stay positive and don’t listen to any naysayers regarding NEVS Management abilities or that of the proposed partners and the companies’ coming merger.

  • Try to write supportive comments to positive articles.
  • Don’t brown nose NEVS, but be creative and factual in your critique where you think it necesary.
  • Trust that NEVS will read your comments.

THAT is your little fight towards the hopeful outcome of a new stronger NEVS, and a future of great SAAB branded cars being manufactured once again in Trollhattan

To use a Bernard Montgomery analogy

Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle, how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole.


Ps. I wonder if Bernard drove a car or a tank to the shops. Ds.

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