NEVS Tianjin factory- Construction to begin June 28


NEVS Official Press release regarding the NEVS Tianjin Car manufacturing plant now online

The Press release reads as follows:


The construction of Nevs’ Chinese factory in Tianjin starts June 28

To mark start of construction of Nevs’ New energy vehicle factory in China, and the establishment of a R&D-center, a groundbreaking ceremony will be held in Tianjin June 28.

The Tianjin manufacturing plant will be Nevs’ second global production base focused on EVs, initially for the Chinese market. Nevs’ research, development and production will be managed from its headquarters in Trollhättan.


Link to and the Press release HERE

Short but sweet.


Please don´t be alarmed. The Tianjin factory is meant to build cars for the Chinese market. The Trollhättan/Stallbacka plant will still be set up to manufacture vehicles for the rest of the world and as stated R&D etc will remain in Trollhättan as well.

I believe we will see a steady flow of news in the coming weeks/months from NEVS with major announcements being made.

AND -IMHO- NEVS are currently strengthening their position in negotiations with SAAB AB regarding the Saab brand name. Every piece of news regarding investments are of course seen as reassuring to SAAB Management. It is my firm -and many others I have spoken with- that New Saab vehicles will soon be built at Stallbacka.



2 thoughts on “NEVS Tianjin factory- Construction to begin June 28

  1. My good feeling is starting to get traction. Every peace of news now adays seems to add to the pile of facts that indicate a future for NEVS.

    1. I believe you are correct.
      And in addition to that I believe the brand name issue isn’t an issue anymore. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and SAAB AB sees this. NEVS are stronger now than they have ever been.

      … touch wood

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