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Following on from yesterday’s report of spare parts and their supposed lack of availability, I have had a chat with the people at Orio UK to ask for an update regarding the situation within the UK, and to ask them a little bit about the company.

The good news is there is no shortage whatsoever, and below is a reply from MD Corin Richards, giving us an insight into Orio UK, the company and its people.

It makes very interesting reading.

Orio UK Limited, previously known and registered as Saab Parts UK is now in it’s 4th trading year. Formed at the end of 2011 when Saab GB entered Administration, Orio UK is the exclusive distributor of Saab Original parts across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Throughout the last 3 years Orio UK has done more than just import and distribute parts. We have worked to grow our national network of authorised repair centres, providing greater national coverage, and communicate directly with Saab Owners regarding new services and maintenance offers featuring Saab Original warrantied parts. Ultimately, we have performed the role of Saab Aftersales, providing a reference point to help both owners and repairers best resolve any problems with their car.

Orio UK is a small, specialised team of 9 people, most of whom came to the business from Saab GB, sharing a passion and determination to sustain aftersales care well into the future. Five people work in our main office near Milton Keynes and four are field based.

The overall sales of the business have stabilized at a reasonable level, and in 2014 even reported a modest growth of +4% amounting to over £11m. With over 180,000 Saabs in the UK, we know there is further potential in the market.

Like many countries, the UK is supplied directly from the global warehouse in Nykoping, which carries a huge range of over 50,000 lines for many Saab models, some going back years. The best-selling product groups in the UK are control units, filters, DI cassettes, keys, flywheels, etc. While there are a few items that are no longer available as new Original parts from the supplier, Orio AB in Sweden generally manage to find an alternative supplier or alternative part.

With 100 Authorised Repairers across the country carrying a variable level of stock on their own shelves, Orio UK has implemented a live web-based system to pool all UK stock into a “virtual warehouse”. With a typical national inventory of over £1m, this enables any parts manager to instantly see if what they are looking for already exists in the UK, and where it is. With one quick phone, the part can be delivered to where it is needed the next day. For 2015, we are going to go one stage better and set up a UK distribution centre, enabling next day delivery anywhere in the UK on a wide range of parts, including crash repair. Orio UK is continuing to improve services, a greater choice of products and competitiveness for all owners nationwide.

Orio UK has also set up an on-line Saab Shop. Accessed directly from the Saab Parts homepage (under the link ‘Buy a Part’), the Shop was originally created early last year to promote and sell a number of Classic parts at special sale prices and gradually expand into selling more regular current wear and tear parts through the e-commerce channel. Visitor traffic is continuing to increase with over 1,500 hits a week.

Orio MD, Corin Richards
Orio MD, Corin Richards


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