Orio – Playing their part…

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Below is an extract from the latest Saab Owners Club ‘Driver’ Magazine which ran an editorial from Orio UK that I’m sure you will find both interesting and reassuring.

It sets out how the small but dedicated and enthusiastic team really are helping to keep our cars in good shape and on the road.  They are Saab drivers themselves, and fully understand how important it is for spare parts to be readily available and of a good quality, especially if we are to continue using our cars as reliable daily transport.

You’d be amazed at the parts they keep for older Saabs too; usually I go online and look to buy good second hand parts for my classic Saabs when needed, but it’s worth a quick look in their webshop or give them a quick call, just in case a new part is still available.

One thing for sure – Orio, and all of the other suppliers of parts, are doing their utmost to help us keep our cars up and running for the foreseeable future.

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