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No? Well Alastair and his father David certainly are.  Quite a while back I ran a competition within the Saab Owners Club GB to find out the highest mileage Saab 900 known to the club.

Well, with just short of 500,000 miles Alastair Lawson won by a country mile. In the photo you will see him proudly holding the trophy. Also in the photo is his father David, himself the owner of a high mile Saab 96 v4.

Both these cars were bought new, and between them have covered over a million miles in the hands of the same family, quite incredible really.

I have had the pleasure of meeting both Alastair and David at several Swedishday events and chatting to them about the cars.

I was contacted by Chris Randall, a writer for Classic Car Weekly, asking if I knew of a VERY  high mile Saab within the club, as he was putting together a collection of high mileage classics. I replied, “how about a classic 900 that has done half a million?”  Perfect, came his reply!

Both cars are still in daily use and still clock up around ten thousand miles a year. The pair carry out all their own maintenance and consider the cars to be ‘part of the family’.

David’s 1972 96 has covered 540,000 and has been sympathetically upgraded to make it more suitable for modern day driving, and Alastair’s 900GLi has covered  495,000, all of which driven in the UK.

If there’s a more dedicated pair of Saab owners out there I’d like to hear of them. Well done to the Lawson family and the fantastic Saab cars they own.

You can read the full story in this week’s Classic Car weekly.

DragonSaab Winter Run Dec 7th 2014

The DragonSaab Winter Run is the conclusion of the Saab Owners Club GB’s event calendar of 2014, and what a way to finish!

Over twenty cars, both old and new, turned up just outside Cardiff for a day’s tour up into the Brecon Beacons to take in the stunning views and ‘breathtaking’ winter air.

With temperatures just above freezing, we still drove with the top down as much as possible. One thing about a c900, the heater is one of the best available in any car and, combined with heated seats, makes winter top down cruising no problem at all.

The tour carefully selected by Chris Redmond was amazing. We climbed upward through the Welsh valleys, passing though villages that were once the backbone of the South Wales Coal mining community. The streets were all very quiet on a cold winter’s morning as we drove through.

The photos you will see were taken in the Brecon Beacons National Park and at the Talybont reservoir, both areas of outstanding beauty and serve as a reminder that our country has not been paved completely with concrete.

Midday, and we were at the mountain centre for a very welcome cup of tea or coffee, with a chance to warm ourselves up and chat to the other people on the tour.

The final leg of the Rally brought us back down to Abergavenny, where a late lunch had been booked at a charming country pub, just the ticket to warm us through ready for our drive home.

We live 100 miles from the start of the tour, so by the time we were home we had driven 300 miles during the day. The c900 was a pleasure to drive, the seats as you all know are some of the best available, and we arrived home without a hint of discomfort, making it a truly practical classic!

winter tour 3winter 6








The Saab Owners Club of Great Britain taking part in the “Saabs on the Marches” driving tour during June 2014.
The Tour began close to the M4 motorway in Newport South Wales, and continued to Brecon Beacons National park.

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  1. Although my 9-3 convertible has done only 29000 miles and is not eligible for the high mile club, what about my 1997 Scania lorry which has covered 978500 miles so far?? It will be at Swedish Day again this year.

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