URSAAB 1946-2016 Anniversary Print by Lance Cole on sale now

1946 was a defining year for Saab. The original aircraft company (founded a decade earlier) had decided to diversify into car making. Throughout the summer of 1946, the experimental, Saab car prototype that would by 1949 become the Saab 92, was created by a small team of men.

UrSaab – as an ‘Exper-Wagen’ was a sensation in engineering and styling terms, it defined a new design language. Sweden’s driving conditions cannot have been the only arbiter of UrSaab – otherwise Volvo would have been producing front-wheel-drive flying saucers of cars too! By 1947 UrSaab was well on the way to becoming a production car.

To celebrate URSaab or 92.001 as some call it, well-known Saab author (Saab Cars the Complete Story) and former designer Lance Cole, has released a new print to mark the 1946-2016 anniversary of Saab’s first car.


Saab Owners Club National 2016

What a fantastic weekend we have just had in Pembrey, Wales.

Dragon Saab, part of the Saab Owners Club GB, took a turn at organising the clubs National for 2016 and what a great event they put on.



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