Phew – What a day yesterday was!


I can’t believe this was the ninth Swedishday, and I have been at them all.

I really felt we were all pulling together yesterday for the good of Saab. The owners turned up and supported the event, just as they have right from the start. The chat was lively and fun, and we are getting to know our Volvo friends very well as each event comes and goes – it really does feel like one big happy Swedish family.

I do have to give a special mention to the guys from Orio, the supplier of Saab Original parts, for the 100 goody bags that I handed out on the day. Such generous support, and it meant Lesley and Jason setting off extremely early from Luton to make sure they arrived on time – now that’s what you call love for the brand and its many owners.

Give them a try next time you need a part, you’d be amazed at the service they can offer!

I look forward to next years 10th anniversary and meeting you all again


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