Send us your photos from the golden age of Saab motoring and we will add them to the page.


Mr Fawcett from Yorkshire sent us these pictures of his 1980 Saab 99 GL taken on holiday in 1982. He tells me the car had the rare “economy” gauge, just like the boost garage, only different wording – clever Saab.

august 08 batch 088

1scanned group 018


Here is a photo of my 900 shortly after we purchased it in August 1996 – with just 2 miles on the clock!

Our car was a factory order, as we required the two in-built rear child seats, along with a sunroof. ¬†We waited two months for it be built and shipped and got to choose the registration number from the list of new “P” plates, picking the car up at 9am on the 1st August.

next batch 038_edited-9




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