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If you’ve never been to a touring car meeting now is your chance, the race is held on the dock side and promises to be a great event, you will get to see Team Tido and their 9-3s in action, and enjoy the high octane atmosphere that is bound to fill the air!

Tickets and prices have not been announced yet, but will be posted here once they become available.

Here are the venues and dates of the 2015 Season:

Race 1 Skovde                                      8th & 9th of May

Race 2 Anderstorp raceway               29th & 30th May

Race 3 Gothenburg City race            5th & 6th  June – Cancelled.

Race 3 Kvällsrace                                25th June

Race 4 Vastkustloppet Falkenberg  10th & 11th July

Race 5 Kanonloppet Gellerason       14th & 15th August

Race 6 Solvalla Stockholm                11th & 12th September

Race 7  Knutstorp                                25th & 26th September


Round up of Team Tido in 2014…enjoy


The STCC, or Scandinavian Touring car Championship was formed in 2010 with a merger of the Swedish and Danish Touring car championships.

The Swedish touring car championship began in 1996, taking cues from the British Touring Car Championship that was very popular on Swedish television.

While racing obviously took part on swedish circuits, there were some rounds that took place in Norway.

The first season of the newly formed Scandinavian Championship was in 2011, and has just completed its fourth successful season.

Team Tido is a strong, highly focused, and dedicated close knit team, racing with 9-3 saloons.

It’s great to see a Saab presence out there on the track, continuing to compete in the tough world of motorsport.

Well done Team Tido.


Team Tidö 2014

The Team manager coordinates all the work on the track. Each car has a chief engineer, three mechanics, a computer technician and a person responsible for the rims and tires.

The complete workforce oversees the operation of each single car. The team is optimized with an organizational structure derived from Formula one.
The Hospitality team cooks and provides all meals for the event on site.
Nothing is left to chance and every person is handpicked for their excellence. In addition, novices are taken on and given a chance to learn and get into motorsport.

The organization is a close knit team that works well together, with each individual forming an important part of well-oiled machine, all striving for perfection, in Complete symmetry with the technical team.

The team has an exclusive public relations manager and a press officer in touch with the nation’s premier network of contacts in the media.


Richard Göransson

During his early years, Richard competed in Sweden, but later went to Germany and England to get to know the tough world of international racing.  During 2001, Richard became European Champion in Formula Ford, returning home to Sweden in 2003, and has now competed in the Swedish royal class STCC for eight seasons.
Richard won his first STCC race during his first STCC weekend in 2003 at Falkenberg court.
Within the STCC, he has won 37 races, and been on the podium 61 times out of 123 possibles. At the end of the 2005 season, Richard won the FIA European Touring Car Cup in Italy and was also European champion.
2010 Richard won his fourth STCC title, making Richard the most successful driver in the history of the STCC in all categories. Closest rival Fredrik Ekblom has won three STCC titles with Flash and a total of 35 victories. Richard also drove in the East African Safari Rally for Team Tido in November 2013.


Erik Johansson

Erik was born October 16, 1996 in Växjö, and is now living in Gnosjö. Erik has always been in contact with motor sport in one way or another. His father has raced a number of times in historic racing, with Erik often with him when he ran. Erik started in the Swedish junior racing league, where many young drivers begin.  In 2012  Erik competed in Formula Monza in Italy and won, becoming Italian Master in 2013. Erik was selected as one of ten drivers throughout the world to participate in the FIA ​​Academy young drivers program, a comprehensive program where drivers are not only awarded this honour, but also get an invaluable education and contacts.


David von Schinkel

Engine and car enthusiasts David von Schinkel is the founder of the Tido Racing Team.  Since the 2008 season, he has participated in the Midnight Sun Rally four times, tried two distance races, and in addition run two races in the GT3 Cup Challenge. The  2012 season was David’s fifth, and he is keen to help new talent further their career behind the wheel, along with Flash engineering by creating a platform for new drivers, hoping it will lead to a new Swedish superstar on the Scandinavian circuits!  The dream for Tidö is to one day appear at Goodwood

Björn Waldegård 2008-2014

Bear represents one of history’s most talented rally drivers. He began his rallying career on Roslagens winding roads and won the 1965 Rally Bore – which was his big break as a rally driver.  Bjorn competed for many of the big teams and had also become the world rally champion, won the Swedish Rally five times and picked up a handful of gold medals in the Safari and Monte Carlo Rallies.

Until his death in August 2014 Bjorn devoted himself mostly to historical rallying and took home the victory in the 2007 Midnight Sun Rally. Bjorn drove between 2008 and 2014 for Team Tido.


Stig Blomqvist

Stig is a Rally legend.  He has competed in the Swedish Rally many many times.  In addition to this, Stig is a multiple gold medallist in the World Rally and Rallycross Championship, and also became world rally champion in 1984.

Today, Stig Blomqvist dedicates himself on the whole to historic rallying and in 2011 was included into Team Tidös stellar line up of drivers, where he drove the Midnight Sun Rally .

 Engineers and mechanics

John Witty
Team manager

Paul Ridgway

Engineer Chassis Engineer WTCC, STCC Chassis Engineer Chassis Designer

Geoff Spears

Computer Mechanic GP2, GP2 Data Engineer at Caterham GP2, Chassis Engineer Virtuosi UK.

Joakim Zetterström

Engineering STCC 203, Team Tido 2012

Stefan Westlund

Mechanic / Truckie Many years of experience in racing.

Jonas Gefvert

Mechanic STCC car comes from Volvo Polestar.

Robin Andersson

Mechanic STCC car

Sebastian Walfridsson

Mechanic STCC car Flash Eningeering one years as a mechanic, Automotive Engineering in Arjeplog.

Ida Strömsaas

Mechanic STC-car Trained at Stejeneskolan Torsby, Team Tido 2012.

Magnus Karlsson

Mechanic STCC car has many years of experience from several of the top teams.

Mikael Karlsson

Mechanic STCC car

Mattias Persson

Press Officer


Göran Lundberg

VIP   Responsible for the VIP lounge and gastronomy on the track for Team Tido. Chef at Tido Castle.

Xavier Gjers

VIP Responsible for the VIP lounge and gastronomy on the track for Team Tido.

Alexander Persson

VIP Responsible for the VIP lounge and gastronomy on the track for Team Tido.

Jennie Andersson





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