The Great News we’ve all been waiting for!

The first of the new batch of the 9-3 Aero Saloon
The first of the new batch of the 9-3 Aero Saloons

At last a chance to buy a new 9-3!

This is just the news we have all been waiting for; a chance to buy a new Saab once again. Okay, it’s not the company restart as we have all hoped for. No, it is merely the finishing off of the 9-3 Aeros that were in production. They are now being readied for sale, around 100 cars in total.

The photo above is the first of these very cars, brought out from the factory, and photographed for us at Saabtala to show to you the fans and supporters. The photo is copyrighted as you can see, but please ask permission from Saabtala or NEVS if you wish to reproduce it.

NEVS have also announced they have the funding to pay their corporate taxes and staff wages at least until the end of February, which is excellent news.

Things have been very quiet up until now as to the ongoing situation, and we have all been wondering what is going on behind the scenes.

Well, Saabtala have spoken with key Staff at NEVS and can tell you the staff are still very positive, although an extended reconstruction period may have to be sought. Business dealings, especially large business dealings, are never quick. You have to cross all the ‘T’s and dot all the ‘I’s before you can reach an agreement, Rome wasn’t built in a day as the saying goes!

So, should you buy one of these new cars?

Of course you should, why not?  If you ask me the style is still right up there with any car you can buy from today’s car giants. In fact I would go so far as to say the NEVS 9-3 with its subtle changes is better looking and more stylish than many offering at the moment, and don’t forget we are talking Aero specification here, not base models. The cars’ technology, is it that far behind the others? No, it still has a good Ncap safety rating, efficient engine and great standard specification. Ah, but what about the warranty? I bought a new 9-3 nearly four years ago and so far it has been fault free, and there is always the Saabsecure policy to cover anything major that possibly might go wrong if you are that worried. We all know there is an abundance of spare parts out there from the likes of Orio and the many independent suppliers, along with the technical know how from authorised repairers and specialists to fit those spare parts. Of course, the price would have to be right to tempt me; I’m not saying cheap, no. What I am saying is the car has to be good value compared to what is on offer from the competitors to make me sign on the dotted line.

Yes, a sport wagon would be a good additional offering, as saloons are not to everyone’s taste or needs, but the company has to start somewhere.

Come on people, stay positive, the 9-3 is a good car, and if you have the money and the chance to buy one of these cars, do so. If you are a true Saab fan I don’t think you will regret it. I certainly haven’t regretted buying my 9-3, so why should you?

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  1. I’d love a new auto convertible, in a stylish colour!! Been driving saabs for the last 20 yrs, the most comfortable car!! Love them, need to update colours though, very dated and boring!!

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