Turkish Delight-For reals!

Yes... It Was and it Is true :-)
Yes… It Was and it Is true 🙂

Hi all!

Tiz been awhile since I last stroked the keys with the intention to post something up on Saabtala.com. No I´m not backing down-I have had my hands full with my new job as a Communicator (No not at NEVS). And quite frankly news from Troll have been on the low side.

Ozzy! I will accept your comment as soon as I finish writing this post about some Awesome news from our friends at NEVS. You beat us to it Ozzy!

Nevs supports Turkey in the development of a Turkish national car – Press conference Friday at 10.00 in Trollhättan

The Excellent news from Saabcars.com

Nevs supports Turkey in the development of a Turkish national car – Press conference Friday at 10.00 in Trollhättan.

National Electric vehicle Sweden’s President Mattias Bergman will present the cooperation at a press conference at Nevs:

Time: Friday October 16, 10.00 CET.

Place: National Electric Vehicle Sweden, Saabvägen 5, Trollhättan.

The press conference will be broadcasted: http://saabcars.com/en/live/

A press release will be published at the time of the press conference.



Remember our post called Turkish Delight and Qoros?

Pretty cool right? And well, we are pretty happy to report that NEVS is in coop with Turkey- For Reals!


More tomorrow!



9 thoughts on “Turkish Delight-For reals!

    1. Hey Jeff… Watch the language man. But… Ok if you meant “What did the Fox say” then my cake hole will utter a sincere apology.

      I think it’s Great that the basis of the 9-3 get to have another lease at life in Europe. It will probably be manufactured for the whole of Europe and more.

      AND NEVS will be getting additional funding to start manufacturing the NG 9-3, 9-3X a 9-2, 9-4X, 9-5 etc.


      1. That 9-3 really is something else.
        Older 9-3 (pre 2006) sold to BIAC. Now post 2006 sold to Turkey.
        God design keeps value, right?

  1. Hej Tom, thanks for your precisions bur what about the IP ?
    The brand name ?
    I don’t understand what’s going on with the trademark “Saab” which is mentioned in the turkish media, to belong to the new turkish industrials

    1. We´ll soon know more about the deal with the State of Turkey.

      The basis in the deal is the sale of the IP rights for the Epsilon-1 9-3 technology. NEVS will develop the first Turkish car for a new State owned Turkish make. Hopefully it will be disclosed today what that brand name will be.

      The brand name Saab is still something NEVS are working with SAAB AB to obtain for their own vehicles. From what I know, those discusions are good but under lock and key because of SAAB AB being a listed Company. Any information regarding the use of the brand name, before the dotted line is signed, could affect the value of the SAAB AB stock trade.

      I understand why Everything is hush hush. SAAB AB has got loads to consider Before letting Another party use their highly valued name. SAAB AB is a defence company first and deal with highly sensitive sales of arms.

    1. 😀 With you there Jeff. It is unfortunate that the automatically generated avatars sometimes come out false in respects to the nature of the writer.

      Make your own Gravatar at: http://en.gravatar.com/

      I made my Avatar (The Saabtala Twitter Avatar) with a bit of work on my Graphics tablet and Photoshop.

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